A Brief Guide to Paddle Boarding in Tennessee | Where to Paddle

In the State of Tennessee, you can find over twenty major rivers and lakes you can go for standup paddle boarding.

It’s safe to say Tennessee is one of the best states in America for SUP enthusiasts.

Paddlers of different levels can easily find a place that suits them best.

Choices for a wonderful spot for paddle boarding in Tennessee is abundant and we’ve picked out 5 of the best places for you to choose from.

If you are really into paddle boarding Tennessee is the kind of place that will surprise you.

Paddle Boarding in Tennessee

Stones River

When talking about paddle boarding Nashville is a place you can’t miss. There are all kinds of nice SUP spots in Nashville. The Stones River is one of the places you can go to have fun with your paddle board in Nashville. Motorized vessels are forbidden on the river so you don’t have to worry about being bothered by them during your SUP session. The view is amazing. You will see tall flourishing trees, wildlife like turtles, herons, and beautiful wildflowers.

stones river tennessee paddle boarding in tennessee


Tennessee River Gorge

The Tennessee River Gorge is an amazing place for stand up paddle boarding. Being a natural treasure, you can find very unique views from the Tennessee River Gorge. Bordering Chattanooga, the Tennessee River Gorge provides habitats for thousands of plants and wild animals. If you are also into outdoor activities other than standup paddleboarding, hiking is a good option here. Pot Point Loop is a hotspot for hiking as it provides breathtaking views of the canyon throughout the year.

Tennessee river gorge paddle boarding in Tennessee


Norris Lake

Norris Lake has over 800 miles of shoreline, scenic views and more than thirty thousand acres of clear water for you to enjoy your day on your SUP board. As a popular vacation destination, Norris Lake has hundreds of secluded covers, 2 state parks, 2 wildlife management areas, commercial marinas and 59 public access sites. No matter if you are into fishing, camping, paddleboarding or other water sports, you can have fun doing what you like here. The Norris Dam and Big Ridge State Parks has all the park amenities you need to camp and spend the night if you feel like staying for longer. Wildlife like deer, eagles, turkey, horses, cows and great blue herons can be spotted while you are touring the place. Along the shoreline you will also find trails for hiking, mountain biking and equestrianism.

Norris lake paddle boarding in tennessee


Old Hickory Lake

Old Hickory Lake is a popular recreational lake in Nashville, TN. Around the lake you will find many beautiful parks for popular outdoor activities like fishing, paddleboarding, camping, and recreational boating. You can start your day on the Old Hickory Beach. The lengthy shoreline of the lake makes for a wonderful place for all kinds of recreational activities. You can simply lounge on the beach, swim in the water, have a picnic in one of those picnic shelters or go paddle boarding. While having fun on the lake, there’s a chance you will spot some wading birds, migratory songbirds, waterfowl, and maybe blue herons or snowy egret on occasion.  It's one of the best lakes near Nashville Tennessee for SUP paddling.

Old Hickory Lake paddle boarding in Tennessee


Percy Priest Lake

Percy Priest Lake is located in the north central region of Tennessee. It’s close to the Stones River and just about 10 miles east of Nashville, the state capital of Tennessee. If you love outdoor activities, Percy Priest Lake will not disappoint you. Paddle boarding is a good way to explore the lake, so is boating. And just like other lakes in Tennessee, Percy Priest Lake is surrounded by a lot of beautiful parks which all provide campgrounds and space for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or fishing, etc. If you’d like to try SUP fishing, the types of fish you can expect include large mouth bass, striped bass, small mouth bass, white bass, bluegill and crappie.

Percy Priest Lake paddle boarding in tennessee

For lovers of paddle boarding Tennessee is one of the best states in the country to travel to or live in. Other than the spots we’ve mentioned above, there are a lot of other wonderful places worth noting. It’s got some of the best lakes for paddle boarding in America and rivers for different paddlers to enjoy their time on the water.


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