Best SUP Spots in Cleveland

Most people think paddle boarding can only be done in Hawaii since it’s considered to be where the sport originated. But the fact is you don’t really have to go to Hawaii in order to enjoy this fun sport. Cleveland is actually a great place for paddle boarders.


Emerald Necklace Marina

The Rocky River is a great choice for paddle boarding. For one, it’s fairly close to downtown Cleveland. Also, it gives you easy access to the water and the Emerald Necklace Marina is the ideal spot to launch your paddle board and start your SUP journey on the Rocky River. You can paddle leisurely to relax or cruise down the river and get into the great Lake Erie. After breaking a sweat on your SUP board, you can take a break and grab a bite in the restaurant by the marina. Rentals of paddleboarding gears and SUP lessons can be found at 41° North.

Emerald Necklace Marina paddle boarding Cleveland

Rocky River Park

The Rocky River Park is a hot spot for outdoor activities. As you’d expect, it’s going to be crowded, especially in the nicer months. Since it’s located right by the lake, you’d understand why it’s so popular. It offers visitors a pavilion, playground, and picnic area. So you can even take friends or family members out here to enjoy a nice day on the beach or the water.

Rocky River Park paddle boarding Cleveland

Bradstreets Landing

Bradstreet’s Landing is probably one of the best parts about the Rocky River Park. The 600-ft pier stretches from the park to Lake Erie. You can launch your paddle board at any point on the pier and start your trip on the water easily. After finishing your SUP session, the beach is there for you to take a break on and enjoy the rest of the day.

Bradstreet’s Landing paddle boarding Cleveland

Huntington Beach

The Huntington Beach is another hot spot for recreational activities. The long shore is perfect for launching your SUP board and starting a wonderful day on the water. And the views on your board is unparalleled. The skyline of Cleveland is something to watch for while paddleboarding near Huntington Beach. When it’s time to take a break, head over to Honey Hut and get yourself some ice cream. For newbies who don’t even have the needed gears, seek help from the local paddle board rental shop called Aloha SUP which offers both SUP gear rentals and SUP lessons.

Huntington Beach Cleveland paddle boarding

Wallace Lake

You can find the Wallace Lake in the Mill Stream Run Reservation which offers you with 17 acres of water and sand for a nice day of relaxation on your standup paddleboard. And the snack shops and pavilions all complement the joy the beach can give you and make it even more enjoyable to stay and spend time on. There’s a chance you might even spot catfish or rainbow trout during your paddleboarding session.

Wallace Lake Cleveland paddle boarding

Located right by Lake Erie, you can pretty much expect Cleveland to be bundled with all kinds of great places for paddle boarding. The U.S. has great bodies of water that spread through the whole country, you can also find great spots for

, Hawaii, etc. Even though Cleveland might not have as many great SUP spots as cities like Hawaii, which is considered to be where paddle boarding originates, but it surely is able to satisfy the needs of most paddlers. So don't hesitate to start paddle boarding if you are interested in it. Get a board from

or other trustworthy brands and get on the water to have some fun.


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