7 most attractive places In Denver for Paddleboarding

Denver, just like the rest of the world, is having more and more participants of paddle boarding. One of the reasons is that Denver is home to various bodies of waters that are able to satisfy the needs of paddle boarders of different skill levels.

7 paddleboarding spots

Sloan’s Lake

Sloan’s Lake offers great views when you are paddle boarding on it. On the west you can see the mountains and on the right, you have the Denver skyline. And it’s inside Denver, which means you don’t have to drive for long hours to get there. If you don’t have too much time to spend on the road, Sloan’s Lake would be ideal. Although you might not be the only one on the lake. There might be constant presence of motorized vehicles with water-skiers and wake-boarders behind them. If you don’t mind the occasional disturbance of other people, Sloan’s Lake would make a great place for paddle boarding. The water is flat and fairly calm, Even newbies should be able to balance nicely when riding a stand up paddle board for the first time on Sloan’s Lake.

Sloan’s Lake paddle boarding denver

Cherry Creek Reservoir

Cherry Creek Reservoir can get pretty busy in the summer months. You will see all kinds of watercraft taking over the surface of the lake. But don’t worry, you will still have plenty of room for a casual session of paddle boarding thanks to the 880 acres of flat water. If you are bringing your own stand up paddle board, you can start your trip from the east or west ramp. It’s okay if you don’t bring or own your own gear because rentals can be easily found.

Cherry Creek Reservoir paddle boarding denver

Aurora Reservoir

The sandy beaches around the Aurora Reservoir are great for camping or taking a break during your SUP session. Since it’s a hot spot for escaping the Summer heat, expect the company of motorized vessels and other paddle boarders, kayakers, etc. Rentals of SUP gears can be found at Surf SUP Colorado.

Aurora Reservoir paddle boarding denver colorado

Bear Creek Lake Park

Inside Bear Creek Lake Park you can find two paddle boarding spots - Big Soda Lake and Bear Creek Lake. Motorized watercraft is not allowed on Big Soda Lake so it’s the better place to be if you prefer to have a rather leisure trip. You will see the presence of motorized boats on Bear Creek Lake but they are restricted to be under 10 horsepower, so you don’t have to worry about them being too much of a disturbance while you are enjoying your SUP session.

Bear Creek Lake Park paddle boarding denver

Chatfield Reservoir

In Chatfield Reservoir you can find people doing almost all kinds of water sports there is. And just like other parts of the world, there are more and more people joining the stand up paddle boarding community each year. So you will be seeing other paddle boarders and possibly be able to make friends with some of them if you want to while paddleboarding on it.

Chatfield Reservoir paddle boarding denver

Evergreen Lake

It’ll take you just 45 minutes to drive from downtown Denver to Evergreen Lake. Around the lake you will see miles of evergreen trees. You can take a break in the Evergreen Lake House to enjoy the beautiful view of the lake.

Evergreen Lake paddle boarding denver colorado

Lake Dillon

Lake Dillon, in our opinion, has probably the best scenery of all the lakes in Denver. In the distance you have the views of epic mountain peaks and around you are large areas of water surface to paddleboard on.

Lake Dillon paddle boarding colorado

If you like paddle boarding Denver won't disappoint you. In fact, you'd be surprised what Denver is able to offer to paddle boarding lovers like you. If you intend to check out all the SUP spots in Denver, it's suggested you get an inflatable stand up paddle board. They are easier to transport, cheaper, suitable for recreational paddleboarding. And rentals are not cheap. Get a high-quality inflatable paddle board from Goosehill SUP or other top-notch brands and have fun in Denver.

Denver is not the only city for paddle boarding. If you are travelling across the U.S. to find a place for paddle boarding, there are a few cities worth noting. Paddle boarding in San Diego will be a fun and unforgettable experience. And there are several nice paddle boarding spots in Boston as well. There are a lot more cities you should check out as a paddle boarding enthusiast but you shouldn't miss the above two cities.


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