5 Attractive Places for Paddle Boarding in London

London is a busy city and you’d think it’s hard to find a place to go paddle boarding in London.

But the truth is, London has some nice places you can go to have a nice day on the water.

If you don’t know where to go paddle boarding in London, continue reading to find out the best SUP spots around London.

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Paddle Boarding in London


Paddington Basin

If your goal is just to have fun and relax when you go paddle boarding, you should probably find a place that’s easy to get to and has flat, calm water. And Paddington Basin is the ideal place for you. It has miles of canals with calm water, making it perfect for you to have a leisure paddling session. Not to mention that it’s surrounded by many bars where you can take a break and have a drink.

paddle boarding in London Paddington Basin


Kew Bridge

Paddle boarding has become very popular in London and Kew Bridge is one of the most popular spots for paddle boarding you can find around London. If you enjoy the company of other people but can’t find someone to paddle with you, Kew Bridge is the perfect place for you to meet other paddlers and make new friends.

Typical paddling routes include Hammersmith and Richmond. Both routes are wonderful for exploring the city. It’s a whole new angle for you to view this beautiful city.

Kew Bridge London paddle boarding in London

Brentford Lock

A lot of people choose to do stand up paddle boarding for relaxation. If you are one of those people and would prefer a more quiet place over a crowded spot, Brentford Lock is the place to be. The calm waters make it an enjoyment to paddle on even if you are a beginner. It’s fairly close to the lock where the River Brent meets the Grand Union Canal. And after spending a few hours on your paddle board, you can head for one of the many cafes around the area to enjoy a break with refreshing beverages.

Brentford lock paddle boarding in London

St Katherine Docks

St Katherine Docks is located right in center London and a hidden gem for paddle boarders in London. Want to see how beautiful London is from another angle? St Katherine Docks is the place to be. It offers a magnificent view of London and a unique way to explore the city. It’s a place that’s suitable for both family trips and solo trips. The restaurants and bars in the area ensure that you can grab a bite easily whenever you like.

paddle boarding in London St Katherine Docks

Camden Town

Visiting Camden Town from the water isn’t a popular thing to do in a popular location like Camden Town in a popular city like London. But you won’t regret doing it. Camden Town is very popular and busy and basically everyday you will find locals and tourists coming here enjoying their lives, but not on the river. Not many people have tried viewing Camden Town from the canal but it’s a special experience that you should definitely try. That’s one unique way to explore central London.

paddle boarding in London Camden Town



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