Basic Paddle Board Equipment List


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1. Essential Gear


2. Clothing and Footwear


3. Recommended Personal Items


4. Other Gear Items


Top 20 Basic Paddle Board Equipment List

Are you ready to get out on the water? Paddle boarding is a fun and challenging water sport, but only with the proper training and equipment. In addition to carrying some essential basic equipment, you need to have life jackets, medications and other things to protect yourself from potential hazards such as weather, surf and human error. 

As a SUP beginner who don’t know what equipment you need to borrow, please check the list in this article. It will help you plan clothing and other items that can make your experience more comfortable and fun.

Paddle Board Equipment List

Essential Gear

If you only want to experience the feeling of paddle boarding or don’t be sure you whether or not like it, these items are the essential gear that must prepare. When you go out to paddle board, always remember to check if you've brought everything before you leaving home.

  • SUP--The main character of your travel plan. 
  • Pump(for inflatable SUP)--To inflate the paddleboard.
  • SUP leash--It is a simple cord that attaches to the tail of your board, and then connects to your ankle via a comfortable ankle strap. If you fall off your stand up paddle board, your leash makes sure the board can not drift away from you.
  • SUP board bags--To make the paddleboard easier to carry and protect the board during transportation.
  • Fins for SUP-- To move forward in relatively straight line, or “track”.Without fins your board would start to turn radically with every stroke, making the whole paddling experience pointless.
  • PFD(personal flotation device)--Safety always comes first. To help you stay safe when you fall in the water.
Paddle Board Equipment List

Clothing and Footwear

Whether you are doing paddle boarding or in your normal life, you need to wear the right clothes with the change of temperature and climate. Since paddle boarding is done on the water, it is more important to pay attention to sun or cold protection to protect your body and not let nature ruin your beautiful appearance.

In hot weather like summer, UV rays are especially strong outdoors and especially on the water, where the sea reflects UV rays. Things that you should bring:

  • Sun-protective shirt--To protect your skin.
  • Board shorts or swimsuit--Reduce body weight in the water.
  • Water shoes, neoprene booties or sandals--After returning to shore, your feet will definitely be wet, so it's easier to wear flip-flops and protect your feet!
  • Sun-shielding hat and hat retainer leash--Sun blocking and sun protection. 
stand on paddle board

In cold weather like winter, the sea can be very cold, and sometimes it is easy to catch a cold if you fall into the water accidentally.Things that you should bring:

  • Neoprene top and shorts, or wetsuit--To keep your body warm.
  • Paddling gloves--To keep hands warm and more flexible.
  • Wool or synthetic cap and socks--To keep your head and feet warm.
Paddle Board Equipment List

Recommended Personal Items

Speaking from experience, you also need to carry the following things to paddle board.

  • Sunscreen (water-resistant SPF 30+) --Whether you are seeking snow-white skin or want to get a tan, you need to put some sunscreen on your body because UV rays can damage your skin and make it rougher.
  • Lip balm (SPF 15+)--Sun and sea breeze will make your lips dry, be sure to apply lip balm in time, or you will lose a sexy lip.
  • Sunglasses--Protects your eyes from UV rays, and also makes a great look.
  • Water bottle--You can bring a bottle of water on your paddleboard if you want to stay in the water all the time and not have to paddle to shore for a drink.
  • Snacks or lunch--Replenish your strength, especially for people planning paddleboard trips, picnics and other long hours on the water
  • Cellphone in protective bag--To avoid the phone into the water out of trouble.
  • Small first-aid kit--Responding to unexpected security situations.
  • Insect repellent (as needed)--If you are going to a place like a river or stream, mosquitoes may be plentiful.
  • Camera with waterproof case--To avoid the camera into the water.
  • Towel--To dry the water on the body.
stand on paddle board

Other Gear Items

In this section, the list shown is to choose whether to bring or not to bring your SUP depending on exactly how you intend to use it. If you are going on a long day trip, or planning an overnight camping trip, you may need to have many of these items.

  • Towline--It can tie some items and so on.
  • Deck bag or dry bags--Easy to accommodate more items.
  • Camera mount--To free up your hands.
  • GPS--To help you find your way home when you are lost and your phone has no power or signal.
  • Two-way radios--To communicate with the outside even when you lose you signal.
  • Weather or VHF radio--It can check the weather, if you plan to camp out or stay overnight and other long trips.
  • Guidebook--Essential for SUP beginners.
  • Maps, charts and compass--To avoid not finding your way home.
  • Knife--It can not only be a tableware but also for self-defense in case of danger.
  • Fishing gear--When you are bored after paddle boarding you can sit down to fish.
  • SUP transport cart--For the paddle board is very large and a bit heavy, the transport vehicle more energy-saving.
  • SUP carry strap--When the paddle board is inflated, it is more convenient to have a SUP carry strap.
  • Headlamp or flashlight--If you are planning to camp at night, you will need lighting tools.
Paddle Board Equipment List

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