Best Beginner Paddle Boards 2020

Paddle boarding is now a popular water sport around the world.

Every day there are newcomers to the sport.

If you are one of those people, note that picking the right beginner paddle board is important.

A good beginner stand up paddle board would make the whole experience easier and more enjoyable for you.

As the popularity of the sport grows, more paddle board brands started to appear.

It’s not that easy to find a suitable SUP among all those brands, so we’ve rounded up 5 of the best paddle boards for beginners for your reference.

Best Beginner Paddle Boards to Choose From

Goosehill Sport Rainbow R Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with SCE Technology

The Goosehill Rainbow R Inflatable SUP Board is a solid choice for beginner paddlers since it offers great stability and at the same time keeps the overall performance at a high level. The board is at 32’’ wide, which is able to offer great stability for most paddlers. The SCE technology that Goosehill uses is applied in the manufacturing of the SUP’s body which finds the perfect balance between durability and lightweight. The 3 fins at the bottom rail help to offer the highest level of maneuverability. There’s also the bungee straps and D-rings on it for carrying cargo. With all those outstanding features it’s still at a very reasonable price point. It’s one of the best paddle boards for beginners who don’t plan on spending too much money on the board.

goosehill sport beginner paddle board

Thurso Surf Waterwalker 132 Stand Up Paddleboard

As a beginner paddler, the stability of it plays an important role. The Thurso Surf Waterwalker 132 offers just that. Featuring a stable width and a rounded nose to guarantee quick maneuvering, it’s an excellent choice for an all-around SUP. You can take it to the ocean, a lake or river and it'll withstand the different wind and wave conditions without a problem. Thanks to the slightly tapered tail, cruising through choppy water would be much easier and smoother. You can cruise without worrying about falling in. The package includes a number of add-ons, including a leash, a paddle, a pump, 3 fins, and a backpack with wheels to make transporting the board easier for you.

beginner sup board

NIXY Newport SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

If you want to buy yourself the best beginner stand up paddle board within a specified budget, this board is a great low-price option. Don't let the low price intimidate you. This inflatable board still offers a broad range of specs that will make your paddling session enjoyable and secure. The NIXY Newport board is inflatable but still retains a hardboard feel when you inflate it. Coupled with the 10-foot by 35-foot length and width, it can easily stay steady on all kinds of water.

beginner paddle board

The board is also relatively fast, but not as fast as pro boards. However, for a beginner, there’s really no need to seek high performance. Maneuvering the board is easy--it does not put up resistance to turn and takes little effort to accelerate. You can try out different kinds of waters with varying wave intensities without worry because stability is what this board does best. Accessories that come with the package include a 10-foot leash, an adjustable paddle made of aluminum, and a storage backpack.

BIC Sport ACE-TEC Cross Sup Stand Up Paddleboard

If you're a fan of having company along when you paddle, then this board from BIC is worth considering. It's got plenty of surface space for you and one other passenger; doggo or kiddo. Made with a composite closed-cell foam core, it ensures you to maintain stability in still water as well as in mild waves. It's so stable that you can actually use it as a SUP yoga board should you be interested in trying that out. It's great for learning to maintain speed, maneuvering, and staying upright when riding the board as you build up the confidence to steer on your own.

paddle board for beginner

Soopotay Inflatable All-around Stand Up Paddle Board 

The all-around Soopotay is able to offer you a mellow stable ride thanks to the top-notch grippy pad and the 6-inch thickness. Its great maneuverability also ensures that you won’t gain too much momentum which could throw you off. The package features a range of accessories you'll find useful as a beginner, including a coil leash, a pump with PSI indicator, a phone case, and a bag, both are waterproof.

beginner paddle board

The Soopotay has a reputation for offering inflatable SUPs with high-level durability. It ensures that despite being an inflatable SUP with risks of punctures, it lasts much longer than others. And considering that it’s your first board, you might want to use it as long as possible.

A suitable beginner paddle board would go a long way to make the beginning of paddle boarding easier for you. If you can pick a suitable beginner paddle board, then you are off to a good start. There are some wonderful SUP events being held all over the world, and when you are confident with your paddling skills, you may consider participating in one of these events. It's going to be the experience of a lifetime. 

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