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Paddle boarding is a global trending sport that has been continuously attracting people from all over the world. Where there’s a body of water, there are people paddle boarding on it. The beautiful thing about riding a stand up paddle board (also known as a sup board) is that it is interesting for all skill levels. You can be a beginner and take a nice and easy paddle on flat waters or you could be an expert who will ride the sup board with waves to challenge your skill. The wonderful thing about paddle boarding is that you get to be out on the water and get a workout whichever skill level you are at!

Of all the paddle boarding tips out there, those for what to wear is of great importance. SUP is a sport you can do all year round, even in extreme weather conditions like in the cold winter. After learning how to paddle board on different water, you should also know what to wear for different SUP occasions. Different weather conditions require different gear for an enjoyable paddle boarding experience. If you are a newbie paddle boarder, there's a lot more to learn other than how to paddle board, like wearing a suitable suit for the sport. There is a wide variety of gear available for sup board riders. Some choose to keep it easy and wear their swimsuit, but there may be advantages to wearing other clothing articles for specific conditions and riding styles. SUP board riders do not let the temperature impact their day out on the water. Lucky for these hardcore sup boarders, there is gear available to make potential frigid days out on the water even more enjoyable. Other than bringing with you the necessary SUP board accessories, you should also know what to wear. Below is a break down of paddle boarding tips that will help you decide what clothing to wear for your next trip out on the water:

     SUP wear - Warm weather recommendations  

       1. Broad Shorts

These are highly recommended over your typical swim trunks due to the possibility of you sitting on your sup board. Wearing board shorts will help minimize any rashes on your legs from rubbing on the sup board. If you are confident about your SUP skills, this is a great option. But if you are a beginner and use an inflatable SUP, which tends to be wobbly when you first stand on it, you might not want shorts since if you fall, they are going to get wet and uncomfortable for you.

Broad shorts for paddleboarding

       2. Comfortable Bathing Suit Top

For the lady riders out there showing the men how to ride a sup board properly, make sure to wear a comfortable/athletic top when riding your sup board. Ensure that you are comfortable when making a rowing motion, this will help you avoid uncomfortable rashes from the repeated motion of rowing.

 SUP wear

       3. Head Gear

Wearing a hat, bandana, sunglasses or even a cowboy hat can be beneficial when riding in warm weather conditions. Having at least one of these options will help keep you cool and protect you from sun rays on your face and especially your eyes.

SUP wear

       4. Life Jacket

This is an optional item to wear, but evaluate on your ability to swim and the area you will be riding in. The choice is yours to wear a life jacket, but you would always rather be safe than sorry!

SUP wear

     Cold weather recommendations

Wet suits- A wet suit is an option for cooler waters and cooler weather. The wet suit uses a technique that holds water between your body and its material, resulting in your body heating the water around your skin. In result, the cooler water does not reach your body that is covered in the wet suit.

SUP wear

Dry suits- This is a more intense version of a full body suit. A dry suit does exactly what the name entails, keeps you dry. These suits trap air, not water, between your body and the material inside the suit. This is the warmest option for those who get cold easily or for the riders who are taking on more frigid temperatures.

SUP wear

Surf booties- Many sup riders believe that the grip from your bare feet is the most effective, but some days it is too cold to worry about this belief! On the colder days, surf booties can be a great alternative to barefoot riding.

SUP wear

Gloves- Waterproof gloves are available and will help increase your grip when holding the paddle. These gloves will help keep your hands warm during more frigid rides.

 SUP wear

Life jacket- Once again, you should always consider wearing a life jacket when riding your sup board. This decision needs to be made by each rider based on their skill level and their comfort level of where they are riding. Once again, it is always better to be safe than sorry!

SUP wear

Paddle boarding on cold water is no picnic especially when there's wind or  other weather condition that might put you in danger. So if you really plan on doing a paddling session on cold water, make sure you learn all the      necessary tips for paddleboarding on cold water and pack all the necessary equipment with you.Is paddle boarding hard? Some say no, but I'd say yes because not only is it necessary to learn how to paddle board and get the best paddle boards, but it's important that you need to know what to wear when on the SUP board. Hopefully, these paddleboarding tips on what to wear when out on the water will provide you with helpful information guiding you to select the proper attire for your ride! The clothing you choose can make, or break, your day. Be sure to check the weather before taking your SUP out on the water and plan accordingly. If you are in need of a new board, consider brands like Goosehill, Redpaddle to get a reliable SUP for yourself. Safe riding to all of the fellow sup boarders out on the water!

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