Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this board perform on the ocean?

    Rainbow works well in the ocean too. it can catch small waves with the rounded front edge.
    But usually will be more suitable to use it in lakes, and rivers.

  • How to protect and maintain your paddle board and accessories?
  1. After installing the center fin, do not sit on the board while out of the water to prevent the fin from snapping.
  2. If you are unboxing the package with a knife, be careful not to cut too deep as it might cut and damage the backpack which is on the top of the package.
  3. After unboxing, check if any accessories is missing. And then check if the board and the accessories are functioning. We suggest you inflate the board inside and leave it there for a while to make sure it’s working properly before taking it out.
  4. Please roll the SUP board the way it’s rolled in the original package to avoid damaging the Fin box.
  5. Please be careful not to let little kids play with the SUP fin to avoid losing the plastic clip which is used to fasten the fin to the fin box. You can easily lose the fin without the clip in place.
  6. Please inflate the board to the recommended PSI.
  7. The maximum weight-bearing capacity of the backpack is XXX. Please don’t overload it.
  8. Please store the board and the accessories in a shady spot when they are not in use. Avoid leaving them under direct sunlight.
  9. Please try to avoid using the board close to objects with sharp edges like rocks or surfaces with sharp bulges which can potentially damage the board and the accessories.
  10. Please lay the paddle flat to avoid snapping it accidentally.
  11. Don’t hit or squeeze the pump with heavy objects as it might damage the pump.
  12. To avoid leaving scratches or dents on the soft EVA pad, please don’t put heavy objects on the pad or wear shoes with a hard sole when riding the board.
  • I’ve been transporting my SUP inflated on my roof rack. I was told not to travel with it n inflated. Why is that? It’s about a 20 min drive

    The reason is that an inflated board should not be exposed to the sun for prolonged periods as the heat will cause the pressure inside the board to rise beyond the maximum pressure the board is designed for. This will cause ruptures and bubbles to appear on the deck and the hull as well as other potential problems. A short ride should not harm the SUP board but as a measure of caution, you can always lower the pressure of the board by two or three pounds while transporting it and then fully pressurize it once you are at your destination. Of course, if you live in a hot climate, even a short ride on the roof of a car at full pressure can quickly cause failures of the board.

    The main material of the board is PVC with overlapping seams when you strap your SUP down you are pulling and putting a heavy amount of pressure on the seams, over time this will reduce the integrity of the material which will breakdown and cause micro-tears at the seam which will cause a leak.

  • How's the speed on this?

    It goes as fast as you paddle. ;)
    But usually is not as fast as a hard one.
    Depends on your ability to paddle, but all our customers said it moves fine.
    And we think it is fast enough for a casual user.

  • Is it ok to wear shoes/sneakers when using the board? Or will shoes/sneakers damage it?

    We have customers worn Vibram toe shoes and water shoes on our board multiple times and have no issues. The mat is sturdy and will not wear easily. It will not have any issues with or without shoes.

    In addition, a water shoe that is easy to get on and off. You will definitely want to have shoes handy because you will have to usually walk on rocks, sand, concrete when getting in and out of the water. Shoes will not hurt the board it has a medium soft foam that you stand on this is for traction and comfort while standing. Some people prefer to keep their shoes on while they paddle, for myself, I always remove my shoes and secure them on the board, under the strapping system, or clipped to one of the rings via carabineer. Happy Paddling!
    'Water shoes' are ok, but I wouldn't wear regular sneakers!!

    The deck on the board is very stable and non-slip. However, any shoes with a rougher tread than boat shoes may cause some wear issues, and I would avoid wearing those. Hope this helps.

  • Has anyone tried yoga on this board?

    Yes, we think that width is important in considering a stable ISUP board for yoga.

    And our Rainbow would be a good choice.

    you can also check the below post for pic and videos of yoga on our board.

  • What is the max weight for a single person that you would recommend on your SUP?

    As the specifications, the max payload for our board is 551lbs/250KG.

    We think normally max weight for a single person is always lower than the max payload.

    You can check the video on our social channel for two people paddling on our board.
    That should give you a reference.

    Instagram: @goosehillsup

  • would you recommend paddle boarding for a full-body workout, with limited impact on joints?

    yes, definitely a good low-impact workout on your joints.

  • Is this paddle curved or flat?

    The paddle is straight.
    The paddle board has a slight curve up at the front, as can be seen in the product photos.

  • how big the Sailor is when in its bag - not inflated?

    95*40*30cm this is the size of the backpack,
    you can collect all the accessories and the board in our backpack and go anywhere you want, no problem.
    if you need pics for reference,pls click"chat with us",
    we will reply within 12hours.
  • How long does it take to hand pump it to fully inflated?

    It takes about five minutes to inflate with the included pump.   If you like your board to be firm, you can pump it up to 15psi.   you can also check this review for your reference.

  • What's the weigh limit. for users?

    As per the specifications, the max payload for our board is 200~250KG. We think normally max weight for a single person is always lower than the max payload. You can check the video on our social channel for two people paddling on our board. That should give you a reference. And also you can check more videos on our channel. Instagram: @goosehillsup

  • what's the difference between Rainbow R and Sailor?

    The net weight of the Sailor is 9.3kg, which is ultra-lightweight by inflatable SUP standards, while the Rainbow R weighs 10.3kg.
    Thanks to the lightweight, Sailor is able to surpass Rainbow R in terms of speed and transportability and is more suitable for ladies and kids.
    But Rainbow R is more stable and stronger than Sailor.
    If you only use an Inflatable SUP board for flatwater paddling or other recreational purposes, Sailor would do just fine.
    The Rainbow R is more versatile so if you want to challenge yourself to more complicated usages of the board like SUP yoga, whitewater paddling or SUP fishing, the Rainbow R might be the better choice here.


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