A beautiful sunny day in the north coast of northern UK

Shane Mc Gonigle

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I’ve always been a very active persons and love every sport that involves the sea, with starting to take part in Stand up paddle boarding I get the satisfaction of knowing I’ve put in a good workout, but more importantly for me it’s the the connected experience with the water that I’ve always sought from other water based pursuits. 

SUP for me is true escapism, I absolutely love the freedom and chance I get to explore quiet back waters on a beautiful sunny day, I can relax with friends, watch the sunrise and enjoy the peace and quiet I get! It helps relax my state of mind, strengthens my body, quite simply being out in the water, at one with nature is the perfect tonic.

Living in the north coast of northern Ireland im very lucky that I’m submerged with absolutely studding views that something is only accessible by using a SUP. Carrick-a-reae is one of my favourite places to visit with its absolutely stunning views. First thing, you’ll need some sort of water transportation Goosehill in an absolutely brilliant example on a very well priced all round board that definitely doest let you down in terms of performance. When setting of its best to set off from Ballintoy on a calm evening/morning and paddle from there, east to the Rope Bridge. 

Though only 5 minutes when traveling by car, it’s about 45 minutes to an hour when paddling! When paddling, it’s very important to keep an eye out for hidden rocks on the way over and don’t go too close to the coast. It’s also important to keep an eye on swell and tide. Once you reach the bridge though, you can just sit and take it all in. You’ll be absolutely blowing away with the outstanding views

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