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Why Choose Goosehill?

Utilization of the SCE Technology

The Goosehill Rainbow R stand up paddle board uses the latest SCE technology. SCE stands for Super Construction Enhancement. It puts a new, strong layer on a traditional single-layer board and creates an enhanced layer that’s thin, lightweight and strong.

Light for transport

The Goosehill Rainbow R SUP board is almost as lightweight as a traditional single-layer stand up paddle board. You can easily carry it with one hand.

Rigid as if it’s a hardboard

Thanks to the SCE Technology, the Goosehill Rainbow R can be pumped to up to 27 PSI. And at 15 PSI, which is recommended, it feels solid and strong that it might got you thinking it’s a hardboard. The rigidness also helps to provide decent stability and performance on the water.

Extra durability

It’s also exceptionally durable. Put a truck on it and you still won’t find any damage on it.