ISUP board Leash
ISUP board Leash
ISUP board Leash
ISUP board Leash
ISUP board Leash

Goosehill 6 Feet ISUP board Leash Inflatable Paddle Board Safety Leash

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Goosehill 6 Feet ISUP board Leash SUP Safety Leash

A common question that we are frequently asked, is whether an ISUP board leash is needed when stand up paddle boarding.

For those that are not sure – a paddle board leash or safety leash is a simple cord that attaches to the rear of your board and then connects to your ankle via a comfortable padded ankle cuff. If you fall off your stand up paddle board, your leash makes sure the board can not drift away from you and remains attached.  

Without a leash, your board is at the mercy of the wind, waves, tide and current and can disappear quickly, leaving you vulnerable to the elements in the water, with your drifting board then becoming a risk to other water users. In our opinion, a leash is the number one safety device that ensures that all your stand up paddle board sessions are safe for you and others.

  • Safe and sturdy: ISUP board Leash is made of thick high-strength urethane cord, sturdy enough for surfing even with huge surge.The coiled design eliminates the drag of the leash in the water and avoids catching submerged objects to protect you from falling off the board.
  • Soft and adjustable: the surf leash is made of TPU elastic polyurethane with soft sponge, you won't feel any discomfort when surfing; Adjustable hook and loop fastener strap ensures that the cuff won't slide around the ankle and prevents blistering and chafing, bringing you a comfortable using experience.
  • Easy to use: just tie the cuff onto your ankle and the other side to the paddle board, ISUP Safety Leash can stretch out to 6 feet when required, you won't be separated from your board in an emergency on the water.
  • Let you enjoy water life !
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