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Why You Should Get The Goosehill Rainbow R Energy Stand Up Paddle Board:

  • The Super Construction Enhancement Technology creates a strong laminated layer for the surface and the drop-stitch technology provides a strong core. The result is an inflatable SUP board that’s stiff, durable and lightweight.
  • The soft, durable and non-slip EVA deck pad is able to resist damage from exposure to seawater and direct sunlight.
  • Superb maneuverability ensures that paddlers of all skill levels can have fun with the sport.
  • The wide deck of the board provides great stability to help you balance on the board easily.


SCE Technology keeps our board lightweight and easy-to-transport while remaining strong and durable.

The drop-stitch technology creates a strong core and provides the highest level of stiffness.

Goosehill Latest SCE Technology Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Rainbow R Sence In 2020

You can find a soft non-slip EVA footpad, a handle and bungee straps on the board, all serve to improve the practicality of the board.

Want to enjoy your time on the water but don’t want your paddleboard to be a burden?

Looking for a high-quality stand-up paddleboard that doesn’t cost a fortune?

The Goosehill Rainbow R Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is the perfect choice for hours of fun on the water!!

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This package including:

10'6'' Board * 1  Aluminum Paddle * 1 Magic Backpack * 1
Safety Leash * 1  3rd Generation Pump * 1 Slide-in Center Fin * 1


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Ask a Question
  • is it stable? is just like regular board

    Yes, It is very stable, just like a hardboard. You can't tell its inflatable when it's fully inflated.

  • Does this paddle board come with a carrying bag?

    No, but there is a backpack and is useful for carrying and storage.

  • Is it suppose to have a curve when fully inflated or is it suppose to be flat? I have a vilano SUP and it is flat.

    There is a slight curvature to the board, especially when it is first unrolled. Over time it will flatten out but there is always a bit of a curve. We hope this helps. Thank you.

  • How long can the board stay inflated?

    You can leave the board inflated all the time if you want. Usually, we test it for one week inflated and leave it after production.
    After one week, there is no air pressure lost,then we will do the packing process.

    Usually, the board will stay inflated for as long as you want, sure it will have a little air pressure lost for a long time frequent use,
    but usually, it will not influence your normal use,if you want the board to be harder, then you should pump it up for a little more PSI. 

  • is a life jacket required when using these boards? I know one is on a kayak.

    We will always recommend you take a like jacket with you.
    But it depends on where you are. The rules are different by state and what kind of body of water. But if a lifejacket is required for a kayak it is also required for a SUP, because they are both a water vessel.

  • Is the board durable against sharp rocks?

    Super durable with SCE technology.
    but we think we should try best to evade the shark rocks.

  • How do these boards work with dogs?

    The dog usually sits on the front or between your legs depending on the size of the dog. I would suggest putting a life jacket and a leash on the dog, as the doggie may get confused if you tip over and not know which way to swim!

  • What is the size of carry backpack?

    It is 39*97cm. Not extremely large, but large enough to be just barely carried on your back.