The Best Inflatable Paddle Boards 2022 - on sale

What is Inflatable paddle board

A stand-up paddle board is a large board, similar to a surf board, that you stand atop and maneuver using a paddle. Paddle boarding has taken off in recent years as popular form of water-based recreation. They can be used for sitting and relaxing, or for fitness like SUP yoga, racing or even overnight touring. Types of Paddle Boards

Instead of featuring a foam core, these use air to provide buoyancy and stability. While softer than solid boards, they are still very sturdy when properly inflated. Inflatable paddle boards are better for casual paddlers or those with limited space to store their board.

How to choose the right size for paddle board

Your weight and the type of SUPing you intend to do determine the right size SUP for you. You'll want to look at the board's length and width:

1. Short (under 10'6''): More maneuverable for surfing and a great choice for kids.

2. Medium (10'6''-12'6"): Great for casual use and Sailor Touring.

3. Long (over 12'6"): These are faster and steer straighter, making them great for racing 

Paddle board width generally ranges from 28" to 32". A wider board is great for bigger people or those that want to carry cargo. A narrower board is better for smaller people or more advanced paddlers looking for speed.


SUP accessories

Look for other common features and accessories so your SUP meets your particular needs. Here are some common features:

1. Fins: A single fin is great for flatwater paddling while a 3-fin thruster helps in surf. A 2+1 setup is even better for surfing.

2. Attachment points: Look for points made for attaching fishing rods, seats, cameras and more

3. SUP electric pump: inflate your inflatable SUP board efficiently.

4. Paddle: an ultra-lightweight and Strong paddle that can reduced physical output during paddling.

Getting Started Paddle Boarding

Before you head out on the water, you'll need a few accessories: a paddle and leash, a SUP Life Jacket.


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