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How to Find a Place for Paddle Boarding Near Me?
Table of contents 1. How to quickly locate a nice place for paddle boarding near me?    1.1. Use dedicated apps   1.2. Use tools 2. What you should know before getting out on the water?   2.1. How to...
Buy Inflatable Paddle Boards Without Paying In the United States.
Goosehill launched the 2022 Ultimate giveaway Program. Called: "1000 paddleboards for paddle board enthusiasts in the United States, starting on September 15, 2022", and the event will last until the end of 2022.
Top 5 Spots To Try Paddling In Australia
If you've never given paddling a try, Australia is the place to do so, which will help you to experience Australia's spectacular beaches, lagoons and waterways. Now let's take a look at this blog and I'll bring you five amazing options for planning one of the best paddling trips in Australia!
Fancy Design of Water Paddle Board!
Stand up paddling has been the trending water sports in the last few years. As technology continues to update and players' needs change, paddle boards are becoming more diverse and functional.
Let's Get A Paddle Cleanup! - Water Pollution and SUP
There is only a very small amount of fresh water that can be used directly by people, animals and plants. And yet the precious water resource is being destroyed! Let it become a habit to use your paddle board to clean up trash and clutter.
Whales and SUP

The whale is unique, beautiful, graceful, and mysterious; They feed each other, build friendships, innovate, grieve, play, sing and collaborate.Surely there's no better way to see whales than on a paddle board! Paddleboarding with whales in the water is a dream experience for any paddleboarder.

Paddling VS Rowing
Wait, do you know what’s the difference between rowing and paddling? Now, let’s take a look at this blog which I will give you a complete explanation about the difference between rowing and paddling.
How Many Paddle Water Sports You Know
 As different cultures developed their own versions to propel different kinds of watercraft over the centuries, let's take a look at this blog which I will give you a complete list of paddle water sports.
A Checklist Before Paddling - Safety Tips for Water Paddling
Water safety has to be a top priority for every paddler because of the high number of deaths that occur in aquatic sports every year. However, a protected trip could be established if those safety awareness and preparation are not be overlooked. Here is a list of safety tips that you must always keep in mind whenever you decide to go for a more enjoyable water-sports experience.
5 Fun Water Sports to Try - A List of Fun Water Activities

As summer is near, there is no better recreational activities than playing around in the water to cool off. I believe you will have fun to get the thrill of adventure in the deep blue water, no matter it is in a tranquil lake or roiling currents. Let's take a look at this blog which I will give you some advice to choose the best 5 fun water sports for you.

Top 10 iSUP Board Brands
Are you looking for the most reliable iSUP board but have no idea which one is the best? Are you growing more interests in the versatile products but getting lost in the confusing parameters? Before exploring those top brands of inflatable paddle board in the market, you should know first what makes a great iSUP and how to make it.
Paddle Boarding Techniques and Safety Tips
Sports is further understanding of limbs or body movement which contains basic techniques and necessary protections. Whether you are a complete paddle boarding beginner or more experienced, it's always useful to know a few skills of this sports and to aware how to stay safe.
The Trends in Equipment of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Since Peruvian fisherman stood upright on reed rafts and navigated the ocean with bamboo paddles, the equipment has improved a lot and more and more people grow different reasons for wanting to paddle board. SUP is regarded as the fastest growing outdoor entertainment activity and judging from the evolution of SUP construction and companies in the market, it continues to rise.

SUP Leash Coiled vs Straight - Which one is better?

Does every SUP leash the same but the price and design? Certainly no! SUP leashes have different length and types which you should choose the right SUP leash for you.

Let’s take a look at this blog which I will give you some advice to choose the best SUP leash for you.

How to Choose a Perfect SUP Paddle
Paddle Materials Paddle Length Handle Blade Size, Shape and Offset Conclusion A paddle is an essential tool for any paddle boarder. A good paddle can make your experience a lot more fun. So, is the most expensive paddle the best?...
How to Get Started Paddle Boarding with Your Dog

You love to SUP, and you love your pup, so what could be better than teaching your pup to ride along on your paddle board adventures? Paddle boarding can be a great way for both you and your pooch to get exercise and enjoy time together in the great outdoors. 

If you’re thinking of taking your dog out on the water, these tips will help make teaching your dog to ride on your stand up paddle board easy, safe, and fun for both of you.

Top 5 Tips for Paddle Board with Kids
Taking your kids, even toddlers, on outdoor adventures is vital to their health and will help contribute to their well-rounded growth to adulthood. Not only will your children have fun paddle boarding, but they will also exercise in the process. And you get to bond as a family too. Here with tips on how to make it fun and safe to paddling with kids and everything you need to know to get started.
7 Reasons Why You Need to Ditch Kayak For SUP
Lakes, rivers and other bodies of water are some of the best places to socialize, exercise, and enjoy the bounties of nature. If you’re thinking of breaking into the world of paddling water sports, you’ll quickly be faced with an important decision: making the choice of paddle board vs kayak. Of course, it’d be nice to have both a kayak and stand up paddle board. But since most of us have a budget to work with, you might find yourself having to choose between them.
Top 10 Common SUP Mistakes
Paddle boarding is a very unique sport. It can be complicated and tedious, or simple and laid back. When you try this sport for the first time, there is no avoiding the fact that you may often make mistakes. All we have to do is realize the mistakes and correct them. So before you start shredding the ocean, take a look at the 10 Common SUP Mistakes.
Basic Techniques of Paddle Boarding
Stand up paddle boarding is a great alternative for recreational activity on weekends or vacations. To have fun with the sport, you can either choose to go alone or with your family and friends. And you don’t have to worry about paddleboarding being too hard to learn for you or your family because it’s one of the easiest sports to learn in the world. As long as you master the basic SUP skills, which is easy, you should have no problem enjoying the fun of the sport. Here are some practical stand up paddle boarding skills for rookie SUPers. They should be able to help you quickly master the craft and soon enjoy the sport.
6 Essential Questions of How to Use an ISUP
In addition to knowing the skills of paddle board sports, how to use and maintain it is also a must-have knowledge for every paddle board enthusiast, follow the tips in this post , paddle boarding is never been easier.

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