Upgrade Your Water Adventures with Our New Sailor All-Around iSUP

In order to better serve the needs of different paddlers, we rolled out an upgraded version of the Sailor All-around model. 
This upgraded version is sure to take your water adventures to the next level with its enhanced features and design.

New Features on the New Sailor All-Around

  1. A cleaner and simpler design with fewer numbers and letters on the deck pad and the rail

Some customers have shared feedback with us that our previous Sailor All-around board design featured an excessive amount of numbers and letters on the deck pad and rail, which created an unnecessarily complex appearance. In order to cater to a wider range of tastes, we have made some adjustments to the board's design elements. Specifically, we have removed the size number from the deck pad and replaced it with the board's name, Sailor. Additionally, we have made the model name and size number on the rail more succinct by adjusting their size and font. The outcome of these changes is a board that is now more streamlined and sophisticated in its design.

goosehill sailor all around new design
  1. An upgraded cargo tie-down system with larger space

We've improved the cargo space on our board by installing two additional D-rings, which has expanded the original 4-point system to a total of 6 tie-down points at the front. As a result, you can now carry even more of your belongings with ease while you're paddleboarding, making the whole experience more enjoyable and convenient. Whether you're looking for a quick workout or a leisurely ride, this upgrade will take your paddleboarding experience to the next level.

goosehill sailor all around new cargo tie down system
  1. 4 brand-new D-rings on the deck pad

Additional storage options: with more D-rings on the board, users can attach more gear, such as dry bags or coolers, to the board, which can be useful for longer trips or carrying more supplies. It also improves the versatility of the board. More D-rings mean more options for customization, which can be useful for different activities. For example, users can attach a kayak seat to the board and turn the board into a kayak when needed.

goosehill sailor all around new d rings
  1. New patterns on the EVA deck pad

We use our logo as the pattern on the deck pad, giving the board a more elegant feel. The new pattern is more comfortable to stand on barefoot. 

goosehill sailor all around new pattern on deck pad
  1. New color options

The new inflatable SUP board comes in a range of vibrant color options, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your personality and style. Whether you prefer bright and bold or understated and classic, there's a color option for everyone.

goosehill sailor all around new model new colors

The new upgraded inflatable SUP board is a game-changer for water sports enthusiasts everywhere. With its enhanced features and design, it offers a superior experience and performance that is sure to make your next water adventure unforgettable.

goosehill sailor all around new old comparison

How to choose between the two Sailor All-around models? 

The upgraded Sailor All-around board is now even more user-friendly. With additional D-rings, the board provides more attachment points, a bigger cargo space, and a sleeker appearance. The deck pad's D-rings even allow for the attachment of a kayak seat, which can convert the board into a kayak. However, in terms of performance, both the old and new boards are essentially the same.

For those who plan to use the board for recreational paddling for short periods, either board is an excellent choice. However, if you require more storage space for exploration or other activities, the new model is the way to go. Although the old model is slightly cheaper, making it an excellent value for budget-conscious paddlers, the new model offers several additional practical features.

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