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Michigan is a hotbed of water adventures. There are lakes and rivers all tempting you to take a dive or bring your board for a beautiful experience in the water. It goes without saying that SUP paddling is a popular form of sport. Equally, it is right to say that Michigan boasts of some of the best spots for SUP. If you live in Michigan and have never thought about going on the water, maybe it’s time you give it a shot. For people who are not familiar with the sport, below is what you should know about it.

 There is no way to knowing exactly when stand-up paddling began. It is even more elusive to pinpoint where it all originated. What is true is that paddling is a diverse sport with a variety of styles and rich history about its growth and how it has become a global buzz.

 All over the world, SUP paddling has two constants viz. standing and the use of a long paddle to direct the board. Anything else about paddling is as diversified as its history and origin.

 Looking back into history it is correct to say that paddling has been part of human transport, and sporting event for thousands of years. In South America, populations made canoes, boards, and a score of other watercraft vessels for war, fishing, and transport. In Africa, dug-out canoes were common among communities living close to water bodies. The common feature in these ancient forms of paddling was the use of a long paddle to help steer the vessels to the right directions. Modern paddling has its roots in Hawaii. Captain James Cook in 1778 is said to have introduced surfing to the Islands of Hawaii. The boards were carved from the Koa tree, and a paddle was used to help steer them from waves. It is from such a humble beginning that SUP was born and is now a sophisticated water-sport across the world.

 There are various locations you can do paddle boarding in Michigan. To save the time and effort of choosing where you should head for thrilling paddling adventures, these are top places to pack up your board and bags and head there;


Top 10 spots stand-up paddling in Michigan

  1. Muskegon

Welcome to Marquette River and be ready to sample one of the most idyllic beaches in Michigan. The water here is safe and warmer than Lake Michigan. This is a dream spot for SUPers who want to hone their skills before heading to the deep and turbulent waters elsewhere. Besides, Muskego also plays host to Great Lakes Surf Festival each year on the 18th day of August.

paddling in Michigan

  1. Grand Haven

With scenic views and ushering you to waterways into the interior and the open water, Grand Haven is a date you must make. From here you can cruise to Lake Michigan. If you are trying to steady your feet into paddling, Pottawatomie is the place for you. You get calm waters and a chance to be alone. If your skills can take on some waves and depth, Grand Haven State Park is the spot for you.

paddling in Michigan

  1. Belle Isle Park

Welcome to downtown Detroit. A couple of miles away from is the untamed beauty of Belle Isle Park. You can see the skyline touching down on the horizon, and the beautiful beaches are whispering their welcome. Beginners should head to the northern side of the island. There, the water is calmer and forgiving to those who are new to paddling. For those with stamina and skills, go to the southern side. It is a paddling adventure that will go down the memory lane as the greatest.

Belle Isle Park paddling in Michigan

  1. East Tawas

Lake Huron is a top attraction around here. Over the years, it has been playing host to hundreds of paddling enthusiasts. Here is your chance to a paddle boarding experience that you will keep talking about for the rest of the year. Temperatures here tend to be friendly but usually take a beating at the onset of the season. It is recommendable you coming with some thermal gear. For the beginners to the pros, this is one place to redefine your adventure.

 paddling in Michigan

  1. Holland

All the way to West Michigan and Holland sits waiting to give you a memorable paddling time. The town is charming, and the community knows nothing but deriving fun from the water around. The beach is a temptation you cannot quickly sweep aside. Lake Macatawa is the ground for those who are not so sure about their water skills. The water is calm and under protection to help you make baby-steps to becoming a pro. For the paddling, Holland State Park is calling your name and ready to give you a thrilling adventure. While at it, be keen to steal a good view of Lake Michigan's shoreline.

 paddling in Michigan

    6.Good Harbor

Sitting in the middle of Glen Arbor and Leland, Good Harbor is a paddling haven. Beautiful beach and scenic views of North Manitou Island and Lake Michigan are some of the bonuses you get for coming here. The water around this place tends to be a few degrees colder; thus you should come ready with thermal gears.

paddling in Michigan

Well, when the mood for paddle boarding strikes you; Michigan has the perfect spots for you to have a thrilling experience. Paddle boarding is the kind of sport that you can have fun with and that you will get addicted to after doing it. Just get a SUP board, head out and have a blast!


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