Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding has been gaining popularity rapidly around the world for the last decade and there are good reasons for that. Most people go for the fun the sport brings and some tend to take it as a way of physical exercise. And paddle boarding can actually give you both at the same time. It provides a lot of mental as well as physical benefits to you, some of which you will get even without realizing it. Here are the physical and mental health benefits of paddle boarding you can get from riding an inflatable SUP.

 physical and mental health benefits of paddle boarding

Benefits of paddle boarding

Stress Reliever

The wave’s calmness and soothing rhythms from the ocean noise reduce symptoms of anxiety. If you want a sport that will help you ‘get away,’ then SUP boarding is what you need. As you’re exposed to the beautiful scenery and the fresh air out there, the brain starts to produce endorphins and serotonin which gives you a sense of happiness. So the next time you feel cluttered up, grab a paddleboard and paddle your worries away!

health benefits of paddle boarding

Burns Calories

Perhaps the number of calories SUP boarding burns is the reason why so many people love this amazing water sport. Unlike walking, paddle boarding burns more calories, and depending on which form you take, you can burn 300-1200 calories. A low-speed paddle boarding burns around 300-420 calories in an hour. If you fancy SUP races, a single hour of paddling can burn anywhere from 715-1126 calories. Other ‘softer’ forms of paddle boarding like SUP yoga, also burn considerable amounts of calories from 420-550 calories in one hour. No matter what kind of paddle boarding you’re into, expect to burn a few calories along the way.

health benefits of paddle boarding

Strengthens Cardiovascular Muscles

Don’t be swayed by your innocent-looking inflatable SUP board: if you want, things can definitely get a bit sweaty. The faster you paddle the higher your heartbeat and ultimately the more exercise you get. Being involved in friendly races, paddle challenges, and other intensive forms of paddling, significantly improves your cardio fitness. In the end, your body will acquire a higher immunity to diseases like joint problems, diabetes, stroke, and heart attack.

Tip: If you want to make the intensive paddling session fun, invite friends and family.  

Complete Body Workout

One of the popular benefits of SUP boarding is how every muscle of your body is involved throughout the session. As you try to find the right balance, the leg muscles will be in constant motion with your arms stretched out or slightly lowered. Paddling through the waves involves both the shoulders, arms, and back muscles. SUP paddle boarding gives you a kind of exercise that isn’t too complicated and is one of the simplest ways to get abs.

health benefits of paddle boarding


Even as we apply sunscreens to our bodies and protect ourselves from harmful UV rays, paddling in the sun exposes you to generous amounts of Vitamin D. Sunshine acts as a natural serotonin booster, which, as we have seen, will make you feel energized and happier. Our bodies are also able to absorb other vitamins and minerals with a healthy supply of vitamin D. Surprisingly the ocean has lots of these minerals and vitamins like magnesium, potassium, and even calcium, all of which have essential benefits to our skin.

physical and mental health benefits of paddle boarding

Improves Endurance

SUP paddle boarding will not only give your upper body a complete workout, but this sport can also increase overall body strength and improve your endurance. It is less strenuous than most water sports and a better alternative for injured athletes looking for low-impact exercise.

After knowing all the health benefits of paddle boarding, you should really go out more and paddle.

If you want a relaxing time alone or with your family to free your mind from all the stresses you have, give paddle boarding a try. If you are a beginner, an Inflatable SUP would be better than a rigid board for enjoying paddle boarding.

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